Friday, September 30, 2011

State Farm: One of the Best.

"Great Agents, excellent service, close to home, Always there when I need them, Claims are paid quickly, get to know their customers personally, professional, proactive, They take good care of their clients., Extra discounts for safety features, extremely helpful, Great Customer Service!, excellent"

I joined State Farm Insurance when I was 18 years old! I will be 29 this week. I have never changed! In the beginning, it was just convenient to stay with State Farm insurance because I didn't have any reason to look elsewhere. I didn't have a need to file any claims, my rates didn't go up too high each year, so I just stayed put.
I added homeowners insurance in 2008 when we bought our first home. By then we had vehicles and now the house, so we started getting additional discounts.
Over the years, I have probably had somewhere between 5-10 claims for the car and maybe 2 or 3 claims on the homeowners insurance. What a breeze! The staff is very helpful, always friendly, always willing to help me any way they can. Any car or home repairs have been handled professionally, quickly, effortlessly!
One nice treat was getting a letter with State Farm. They informed me that no matter what ever happens in the future, they would never drop me or raise my rates excessively! They have stuck to that promise! My rates go up a couple of dollars each year, no more!
I can't imagine changing to another company - ever!