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How To Make a Choice for Car Insurance Policy with Low Down Payment

Not all drivers can afford to pay for the overall premium of the car insurance policy. For that reason, drivers need car insurance plan with a low down payment. But it is not easy to find the policy that offers low start up cost. What you need to do is to shop around and look for affordable car insurance policies. There are many online car insurance companies that offer cheap insurance plans for those who cannot afford high car insurance rates.
Usually, these cheap auto insurance providers offer low down payment plus monthly installments. There are even car insurance brokers who provide car insurance without down payment. You only need to pay the premium for the first month of coverage. To be able to find the cheapest car insurance, you need to shop and make some insurance comparison. There are even insurance quotes which you can get for free in some online car insurance companies.

There are lots of cheap auto insurance plans to choose from. So if you really want to get the most affordable car insurance, you must take the time to search for the carrier who will offer you low car insurance rates while giving you the proper coverage that you need. You should know that the premium rates vary from company to company. This is because of the differences in standards and policies.

Fortunately, with all the online car insurance at hand, finding the best car insurance that suits your budget is not a hassle anymore. You can ask for car insurance quotes from different companies to be able to compare insurance policies and pick the premium that you can afford. It is much easier to get what you are looking for through car insurance comparison. Most companies will ask you to fill out a form in order that you get the specific rates that they offer. By this means, you can get the right insurance without compromising your budget.

It is important to make a research first regarding the car insurance rates for each insurance plan. There are companies who offer low down payment car insurance. You may also discuss any charges that may be payable on the start date of the plan. You may even obtain the best car insurance with no down payment at all, with the exception of the premium of the first month of the policy.

With insurance quotes, you can search for the best rates of car insurance that suits your requirements. Obviously, you no longer need to pay the entire amount of premium with low down payment insurance. This allows you to avoid huge cash commitment. You just need to pay for monthly installments in order to enjoy the full coverage of the general car insurance.

Hence, you are provided with the option to renew the plan or not. Good thing about this option is that it enables you to access insurance and get insured with no huge commitment. You also have the choice to shop and compare the insurance policies in the market. As a result, you can avoid waiting on a reimbursement of the premium.
Insurance policy with low down payment is the best means for motorists to obtain full coverage. But before you get cheap car insurance, it is a must that you know the possible disadvantages of getting one. It is also important to consider the no down payment offering of some companies. Bear in mind that the term "no down payment" does not mean that you can enjoy the policy without paying the money upfront. What the term implies is that no additional charges are involved in the coverage. But you have to pay the first month's premium to get the full benefit of the entire policies.

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How to Make Sure you Get the Best Car Insurance Rates

You must have car insurance if you drive a car. Car insurance not only helps pay for damages, but for liability for injury to yourself and others. Since you must carry it, you should know how to make sure that you are getting the best rates possible. Rather than go with the cheapest policy, you should look on how to get discounts on the policies you want.
Do not make your job sound exciting or risky. This sounds very odd, but insurance professionals have a list of high-risk and low-risk careers. This is drawn from data of people involved in auto accidents and what their occupations are. Engineers are less likely to get in a wreck than a promotions specialist and insurance companies will charge more for the high-risk careers.
It is up to you to keep a clean driver’s record. You should check your record once a year, to make sure that it is accurate and up to date. If you find something that should have been removed, then make sure that you contact the proper authorities. This can save you a great deal of money.
If you really want to save money, you should also look at the type of car you drive. People that drive sports cars are far more prone to get in an accident than those that drive a standard sedan or station wagon. You will want to get a list of all the safety features that your car has as well. Make sure that they are all accounted for on the discount list when you are getting insurance quotes online or with an agent. If they are not, ask why they are not. Agents will usually yield to people that are pointing out decreased liability to lower their costs.
Assuming more risk is another way to keep costs low. When you take a higher deductable, the insurance company pays less if you total your car. Insurance companies promote the driver to take more of the responsibility on, by lowering the premium for people with higher deductibles. If you do take this option, you will want to make sure that you have the money, just in case you do need it. Many people will take the saving in premiums and put it into savings so that they can afford the deductable if anything happens.
If you have more than one car, you may also qualify for a multi car discount. Couples often make the mistake of having separate car insurance. They do not realize that if they combined the cars onto one policy, they could save money. The insurance company rewards people for the extra business and considers it unlikely that both cars would be wrecked. Not all providers offer multi-car discounts, some providers require that both cars be under a single name.
These few things can help you reduce your car insurance bill. There are many more, such as group affiliations (AAA), or senior citizen’s discounts. Do your homework and compare different policies and rates. Never be afraid to negotiate. If you find lower rates from one provider, share that information with another. They may lower their rates to keep your business.

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Reasons Why Auto Insurance Company Cheaper Than Others

Auto insurance companies are both unique and competitive in how they rate motorists, and like many other products, there are usually distinct price differences between businesses. Individual insurers may target motorists in specific markets, meaning that the cheapest policy provider for one driver may not be the cheapest for another. Sorting through the many insurers to take full advantage of pricing differences can take time, but online resources can help expedite the search.

Rating motorists can be a complicated process because insurers usually examine a wide range of details before setting a policy price. This can process often includes analyzing the following details about a policyholder:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Location
  • Automobile details
  • Annual mileage
  • Driving history
  • Credit history

These details are used to identify a motorist’s risk of filing a claim in the near future, and then prices are set based on the individual’s risk level. The cheapest auto insurance companies are usually different for each motorist because individual insurers consider different details to be more significant than others, or they specifically target motorists in certain risk categories. Generally, vehicle owners are divided into preferred, standard, and non-standard markets, which represent their level of risk.

Take Advantage of Insurers’ Different Business Structures
Although preferred and standard motorists generally encounter the lowest rates, there are multiple insurers that offer car insurance for high risk drivers at an adequate price. To find a low cost insurer, motorists should explore the many different options by comparing quotes from as many sources as possible. Instead of contacting insurers directly, vehicle owners may want to consider completing their research online, where dozens of estimates can be viewed on one website.

Taking advantage of multiple discounts can also lead to lower rates for many motorists. Just how individual companies usually produce different quotes, insurers also provide unique assortments of special offers and discounts. Contacting several affordable insurers to research what is available may lead to lower premiums than previously expected. It’s common for drivers to find reduced rates for maintaining a clean driving record for over three years and for including multiple vehicles on the same plan. Additional savings may be found for belonging to a specific organization or for majoring in a certain field in school.

The potential savings provided by individual companies are numerous, but motorists must make the effort to compare the many different options. Although there is no individual insurer that can offer the lowest price auto insurance policy for all drivers, there can still be a number of affordable options that may be unique to individual vehicle owners.

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Good and Affordable Auto Insurance for you

There is a general feeling of security in obtaining a policy of automobile insurance companies, but with this feeling often comes with a price known as "fees." People often assume that the higher the premium you are paying, the better the coverage. This is true to some extent. Companies sell policies that are highly competitive, so companies are competitive in attracting customers through price controls and the scope of the package.

Buyers often wise policy review how they can land the best deals through published articles on good deals and offers. There are three main policy guidelines auto insurance customers in the market for a policy can continue to get the best deal. The best deal here would mean an economic policy with more coverage. The guide includes the common buzzwords such as appointments, budget and risk management.When comparing insurance rates to help buyers make the right policy choice. These companies constantly compete with each other, one can find offers from several policies that provide quality and affordable. Buyers may use the good ol 'Internet and check free insurance quotes from several companies that are doing business online for the convenience of its customers. Free quotes are a good way to compare the rates of the leading companies efficiently and directly.Companies employ a method known as pooling of risks in order to calculate the rate charged to their customers based on the amount of risk they are taking if they sell a policy for the particular client. Specific standards have been established to assess whether a client is a high or low risk. Those who want an economic policy must ensure that seem to be less risky for companies that are buying a policy.Customers who belong to the age range 25 to 40 are considered by auto insurance companies as a good investment and lower risk compared with those who are younger and older than the age range, he said.Drivers in this age range are generally seen as better physical condition and mental power in contrast to those outside the media. Those who belong to the support can take full advantage of this privilege to ask about the discounts offered by the company less risky investments.Purchasers of the policy should indicate what type of coverage you want to include in their policies. After that, financial considerations must pay attention now. The cost of maintaining a policy can be very high, depending on the type of customer you are. You can land on an expensive policy if you are quick to say "yes" to the first agent who sells you a policy. Therefore, your goal should also include the search for cheap car insurance that promises quality. Buyers beware, however, because of the cheapness may include the service or quality along with price. The need for caution is even more because the companies who promise "cheap" policies are springing up everywhere and full of abundance.

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Top Ten Best Auto Insurance Companies In US

I just wanna share this top 10 insurance company that i have research over the net. I hope this one will help you in providing or deciding in getting an insurance provider on your respective vehicles.


western united 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Western United is also one of the top car insurance companies in USA. They offer reliable and accessible services to their customers along with low rate car insurance.


liberty manual 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
This company was established in 1902 and since then they are busy in providing their customers with best services. Liberty Manual Auto Insurance has been rated as the one of the top auto insurance companies in USA and has a wide range of network in 20 countries.


nationwide 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Nationwide Auto Insurance Company is one of the most financially strong auto insurance companies in USA and is serving their customers for 80 years. They provide all the satisfactory services to their customers and many options with low insurance rates.


Western General 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
This company offers you all the services regarding auto insurance in low rates. They have number of Affiliates Company and together they make sure to satisfy their customers.


unitrin 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Unitrin is new in the list of top ten. But this company has really struggled its way to the top. Unitrin offers a wide range of options to their customers and low rate car insurance. It was voted as one of the best auto insurance company in USA by A.M Best.


allsate auto insurance 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Allstate Auto Insurance has been consistently ranked as the top auto insurance company for 7 decades. This company provides excellent customer holdings and low rate car insurance. Many sources have claimed that this company is mainly for teenagers and aged people.


access insurance 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Access Insurance Company provides multi services to their customer and it was rated as the top insurance company in USA. They provide comprehensive low rate car insurance to their customers.


Bristol West Insurance 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Bristol West Insurance is also one of the leading car insurance companies in USA. They provide low rate car insurance and perfect customer care service. Due to their guaranteed service they were rated as the excellent insurance company of USA.


GMAC Insurance 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
GMAC insurance was established in 1939 and since then they have built several branches and they also operates internationally in Latin America, Asia and Europe. This company is one of the best car insurance companies in USA and they provide a wide range of services to their customers.


Progressive Insurance 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies In US
Progressive has been considered as the no 1 car insurance company in USA. It is one of the oldest insurance company and longest insurance company of USA and they provide the best customer service than any other. They are ranked no 1 when it comes to writing car standard and low rate car insurance. They also provide insurance for motorcycles, personal watercraft, boats, commercial auto and RVs.

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Strategies to Get the Best Auto Insurance Rates

Hey guys, these are the sample strategies to choose the best car insurance rates. i found it over the net. i hope you will like it and helps you better.

Auto insurance quotes are very easy to get, but obtaining one that suits your needs and the family is another matter. You can get auto insurance quotes for free on various websites and therefore is a convenient option. However, it is also important to be well prepared before taking the plunge.The best place to get auto insurance quotes is to go online quickly. There are websites that will help you get quotes simultaneously and can do a side by side comparison of these quotes. If you are unsure about how to go about it, please contact your insurance advisor to help you get some of the best quotes at the best prices possible. After providing the exact information needed, the insurance advisor will work with you to achieve what is tailor made for you. These two ways of doing things.Be sure to provide accurate information while completing the application. Keep all information on hand before you apply online. It is very important to give correct information if you want to get an accurate quote. It should also be aware that obtaining quotes online is free, but when you use the services of an insurance consultant, you have to pay for their services.After getting the quotes, check with your insurance agent about the ways that you can have more discounts on auto insurance premiums. For example, securing a sports car, obviously, stands up to their premiums, while a regular family vehicle takes less premiums.Installation of car safety is another way that could bring down premiums. You can avail of discounts for the installation of burglar alarms, anti-braking systems, airbags and other safety features such. Having a good driving record "will help you get additional discounts.Treat your club insurance policy, especially if you have at home, as well as health insurance, you can take advantage of some of the best rates to ensure the same insurer. In this way, you will be helping to get more business and also became his favorite client and give you discounts.The insurance advisor will be able to give you many more tips about getting the best auto insurance rates, depending on their age, type of vehicle you drive, etc.

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Who is the auto insurance provider for you?

With so many companies that claim to sell insurance, can be a daunting task to choose the right one out and get something that is guaranteed to work outside of your vehicle. After all, do not want to end with auto insurance is not as impressive as it can be. There are a couple of things you may be able to do in order to get the kind of car insurance provider. Learn some of these things before buying car insurance can be very valuable and potentially help save a ton of money.Local or nationalOne of the big questions that I want to ask is whether you want to go for a national insurance company, or follow one of the premises. While there are advantages to any of the auto insurance providers, you should know that the selection of one over the other can only help you get the right one for your profile. If you drive out of town frequently, it makes more sense national, while the local is for drivers in the city that used to move your car every day and little else.Pay ratesThis is very important to study because they do not want to be stuck with a provider of cheap car insurance.At a later date, if you have to make a claim, it is always advisable to have someone who could perhaps give a very good value for your money. Therefore, take some care in this sense really goes a long way. You can be sure not to fight when claims are made due to an insurance company with a very bad rate of pay. Research on this line can provide valuable information and, potentially, help with your choice.The costs incurredThe most important factor when choosing a car insurance provider for the driver would probably be the total costs incurred. Needless to say, I will not stay with any insurance company that will be very costly and difficult for you to maintain. As much as possible, he would like to get the type of provider that may help you save money and even get a very good coverage at very affordable prices. You should look around in different places to get that option and make sure this is really a reality.

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Reasons a Life Insurance Review Makes Sense

I often talk with Clients about their life insurance program.  Some people have life insurance for estate planning, others for business continuation and still others for survivorship planning.  In all cases I strongly believe that having a life insurance review process in place for all policies that are over five years old is important.
Some of the reasons for this review process are:
  • Insurance companies have good and bad runs.  You don’t want to be with a company who is having a bad run.
  • The interest rate assumptions you used when you bought your insurance may have changed.  If interest rates have dropped you might be in danger of having your insurance lapse or having a large future price increase.
  • The insurance companies might have come out with a newer product that better fits your needs.  Insurance companies are constantly developing new ways of funding insurance.  Sometimes these new ideas make a lot of sense.
  • The cost of insurance you’re paying for has decreased.  If you have an old policy, there is a good chance that you could reduce the amount that you pay for your life insurance.
  • Your life insurance needs have changed.  Your personal situation might have changed and the policies that you’ve had in place can be changed to fit your new circumstance better.
We find that people often buy an insurance policy and then ignore it.  I believe that it’s important that when you buy a policy, you not only pay attention to it, but have it reviewed every five to seven years.  Within that time frame, too many things can change.  Not having an insurance review can potentially cause a great deal of pain if your policies are not managed well.
I’m always interested in your comments.  Because we are a regulated site, we can’t have a comment box.  So, please give us a call or send me an email.  I’m interested in what you’re thinking about your life insurance program.

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Choices for Student Auto Insurance Coverage

For students, it may be necessary sometimes to make decisions on coverage based on what can save them the most money. But even with this being the case, it is still important to seek out student car insurance quotes that offer real value and not just a cheap price. This is especially true for student motorists who drive cars they are still paying for.
  • Full coverage auto insurance policies are required by virtually all lien holders, so it is imperative to obtain collision and comprehensive if you owe money on your car.
  • Full coverage plans protect the insurer’s interest in a vehicle in the event it is stolen, damaged, or destroyed.
  • The good news is that collision and comprehensive, as well as liability coverage, also protect the policyholder. It is well worth investing in a quality full coverage plan just for the simple protection it gives you, even without considering lenders’ demands.
Of course, putting together a policy that includes collision and comprehensive insurance will drive up student car insurance quotes. The more protection included on a plan, the more expensive it is going to be. This makes it even more important to think about your car insurance coverage and compare plans from different insurers.

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A & Q about Auto Insurance Policies

It is common to come across some questions when you think about auto insurance. Let us answer some of general questions that may arise in anyone’s mind.

Whether auto insurance is necessary for driving or no?
Well, you cannot drive if you have no valid auto insurance in your hands. In fact, the laws make it mandatory for all drivers who own a vehicle to get it insured so that in case of any mishap, you have sufficient funds for its coverage in terms of bodily damage, property damage or both.

Any fixed amount for coverage?
Well, it will depend on what region you reside in. The laws of your region would be different from other states. So, minimum auto insurance coverage should be optimum enough to take care of damages that may be caused to passengers and vehicles.

If You Are Denied Auto Insurance?
In case you are being constantly denied of any sort of auto insurance policies because of your bad credit history or driving skills of past that may have tarnished your reputation around, then worry not. You need to get yourself into state assigned risk pool or get auto insurance through non-standard insurer.

Any difference between cancellation and non-renewal of policy?
Simple enough, non renewal means that you do not wish to renew your current auto insurance policy, in case you wish to change your current auto insurance provider. On the other hand, you insurer may not renew your policy if the company finds that you have shifted from a normal policy holder to high risk category.

However, cancellation can be serious. It is done if your driving record is getting seriously bad, you are not paying premium on regular intervals or that you are a fraud. Cancellation of auto insurance may make it difficult for you to get another policy in future.

My High Quality Claims Experiences and An Insurance Review

Before we were married, my wife had two separate claims experiences - one for an accident and one for hail damage. On both claims the claims reps were friendly, prompt and fair.
I don't know if it was an oversight on their part, but they didn't even remove her claims-free discounted rate after the accident claim.
We've kept State Farm after we got married. The rates have been generally competitive although we've seen increases in the past year. May consider getting competitive quotes, but I can't complain about the claims service.

I wanna share below Statefarm review I got. I hope this one would help you in deciding good policy.
Like Farmers Insurance, State Farm was founded on the notion that farmers and ranchers, who drove less and in safer environments, shouldn't have to pay as much as their urban motorist counterparts. Now, more than 80 years later, through careful expansion of insurance protection products and a continued dedication to customer service, State Farm has become the preeminent auto insurance policy writer in both the United States and Canada.
Standout Features

Response & Repair:

State Farm Insurance is a giant, spanning two nations and populating them with local agents and representatives in most cities, large and small. With complimentary towing (with distance stipulations) coverage for all auto insurance policyholders, drivers can get their car off the road and into a repair facility quickly and painlessly, with no money down. From there, however, much depends upon the nature of the incident or accident, the involvement of other motorists, pedestrians or property, as well as the location of the vehicle in question and its proximity to a certified estimator. It is here that State Farm loses some points to Progressive, which streamlines the repair process with its "Concierge Level of Claims Service," which takes the onus of estimates and repairs off the policyholder, putting them back on the road with a rental car with only minor interruption to their busy lives and schedules.

Another bone drivers tend to pick with State Farm is its "salvage parts" policy, which uses, when possible, parts from salvaged vehicles as replacement parts for damaged cars. In its defense, these parts do, in fact, have to undergo a process to certify its quality and viability.

Policy Flexibility:
Though many car insurance companies run the risk of stretching themselves too thin with expanded insurance protection products for life, home, fire and other insurance needs, State Farm Insurance manages to strike a favorable, even enviable balance between the policyholder and the shareholder. What's more, State Farm, with its tens of thousands of agents and representatives nationwide and straightforward, informative website, ensures that drivers get the right amount of insurance, as opposed to more or worse, less than what is adequate.

Benefits & Discounts:

State Farm offers car insurance policyholders the clearest description of its comparatively-generous benefits. Multiple-vehicle and multiple-policies will result in a discount. As will drivers with established safe driving records. Good students that maintain a "B" average, too, are eligible for a discount. Also, vehicles with safety features like anti-theft devices and other safety features are eligible for a discount.

Like Progressive and a handful of other auto insurance agencies, State Farm offers discounts for car insurance premiums paid in full or paid automatically each month electronically.

Customer Service & Claims Timeliness:

No company can become one of the largest auto insurance agencies of 2 nations--United States and Canada--without a well-tuned, policyholder-minded customer service and claims center. Or at least not for long, anyway. State Farm ranks among the best for its day-to-day customer service, with accessible local agents and "phone-tree"-free customer service representatives for policy inquiries and claims. It is the claims process, however, that can be a complicated, time-consuming one, as State Farm has an aggressive-albeit-somewhat bureaucratic arbitration and mediation operation arm. This can be quite a benefit for State Farm car insurance policyholders, but with claimants represented by another auto insurance agency, this can often be a painstakingly long process. This is true of most car insurance agencies, but here seems to be exacerbated by its size and ubiquity.


State Farm Insurance, like Allstate, is often as good or bad as the policyholder's agent. Accidents and incidents are typically stressful, frightening and potentially life-altering scenes. Having an agent that, despite the stress and confusion of the moment, calmly and adeptly facilitates smooth, timely repairs and uses policy tools and features to the benefit of the driver is of great import. While local agents can facilitate policy knowledge and lend the company a human face, it can also make the customer experience wildly divergent. Perhaps through careful strategy to make customer experience consistent across the country and a streamlining of the claims process, State Farm will continue to grow. For now, however, drivers looking for a quick claims process and agent-free policy access should look to GEICO, Progressive and eSurance.

I hope you have got more idea in finding good one.

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How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

This is just to share you guys some basic information that I have gathered online. Thanks to Tonya Cunningham for sharing this.

Most people want to be adequately covered in case of a car accident, but choosing how much insurance to purchase without overspending can be a tricky decision. If you don't have enough coverage, you risk forking out a tremendous amount of cash if you are involved in an accident. If you take all precautions possible, you may be spending money for coverage you may never use. Figure out how much car insurance you really need before agreeing to a policy.

    Covering the Basics

There are some aspects of automobile insurance coverage that simply must be factored. Where you live, where you park your car at night, how old you are, how far you drive your car to work and other such basics will determine a large portion of your premium. If you don't have an anti-theft package or if your car is prone to particular damages, you could always consider buying a different vehicle, but spending more money to save on insurance costs may be self-defeating. The absolute lowest-cost, most basic insurance package will need to cover the liabilities involved in these statistically calculated risk factors.

    Explore the Minimums

Every state has its own set of laws regarding the minimum insurance required, regardless of circumstance. Prior to working with an insurance agent, you should call your attorney or look up your state's minimum insurance requirements. This will help you to be more knowledgeable going into the agent's office so that you are actively and consciously involved in deciding what you need, rather than being influenced by an agent trying to make a sale. While the insurance agent's expertise can certainly help you to make wise decisions that may go above your state's minimums for very logical reasons, you will still want to be well-informed through more than one source before signing a policy.

    Rental Reimbursement

Think in terms of what you will do if your car breaks down or has an accident that will put it in the shop for several days or longer. If you have a neighbor who works at the same place you do, maybe you can hitch a ride and this won't be an issue. If you have family whom you are confident will let you borrow their car in such a situation, you probably don't need to spend money monthly on "what if" scenarios. However, if you lack solutions to such scenarios, you will want to add rental reimbursement to your insurance package.


Deductibles are the amount of money you pay on car repairs before your auto insurance policy kicks in. Choosing your deductibles is the single largest decision you will make when figuring out how much car insurance you really need. If you normally have a decent amount of cash saved in a bank account or in an easily accessible investment, you may not need to put much money into a monthly policy with low deductibles. You may feel that your risk of accident is low and even if this situation does occur, you can borrow from your own cash store until your insurance policy kicks in. If you know that you would probably not have a few hundred or thousands to put up-front into car repairs immediately following an accident, it would be wise to add the expense of a larger deductible into your insurance policy package.

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Why Do You Need Auto Insurance?

If you want to know the most important reason for buying auto insurance policy, then it is right there in your garage. Yes, your vehicle. If you own an automobile, then you ‘need’ an auto insurance policy. Simple and straight as that. Why would that be?
Let me give you an example here:
You buy a car and complete all formalities. You sit inside and proceed towards the main gates of agency, towards road. As soon as your car touches the road, a speeding vehicle smashes right into you. The driver of other vehicle runs away and you reach police station for filing complaint. After inquiry, you are told that the vehicle was reported stolen and hence, the damage of your vehicle cannot be paid by the owner of that vehicle. What can you do? Worst scenario can be, if you car was Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Porsche.
So, if you had bought auto insurance before you drove your brand new car out of showroom, then the damages would have been covered by the insurance provider. That is the reason why people prefer buying auto insurance right after you buy a car and before you take it on the road.
One more thing that may necessitate auto insurance coverage is more than one driver for your vehicle. If your kids, spouse or friends also drive your vehicle, then you need a policy that would offer coverage of all the drivers.
This would allow you to minimize your worries about other drivers and your automobile as well. Part of the reason is that you can never be too sure about the driving of another person, especially if the person is not-so-experienced or if you do not accompany that person every time. So, even if there is minor damage, your policy would easily cover it to save you from panic.

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As mine is coming up for renewal, I've been looking around at some different companies and getting quotes. One of the things I was a little unsure of is what all the different coverages were actually for and Patrick (Patrick) was kind enough to send me the following link and I share it herewith for your Information.


Have you ever wondered what all of those numbers mean on your auto insurance declarations page? Your insurance agent tells you that you need to have certain coverages and oftentimes he or she helps you decide on the amount of the coverage, but do you really understand why? Many consumers pick insurance coverage according to their budget. We all know that the more insurance we carry, the higher the premiums and frequently we pick lower coverages because of financial constraint. Next time you purchase insurance or when your renewal comes due, keep the following in mind and carefully review your declarations page to see if you need to adjust your coverage.

We carry insurance in case we are involved in an accident. The State of California requires that you carry Bodily Injury Limits (BI) of $15,000/$30,000 and Property Damage (PD) in the amount of $5,000. No other coverage is required by the State, but there are many more coverages available. An understanding of the types of coverage and what they actually provide is a necessity.

Bodily Injury - This is required by the State of California and it is the most expensive part of your coverage. Bodily Injury coverage protects you and your assets if you cause an accident and cause injury to another. This is the coverage that would be available to the injured person if they made a claim and/or filed a lawsuit against you. The State requires that you carry at least $15,000/$30,000. What this means is that your insurance company will indemnify (pay) personal injury damages of up to $15,000 per person per accident, but not more than $30,000 total per accident regardless of the number of persons claiming injuries.

Bodily Injury Limits come in many amounts, you can have $15,000/$30,000; $25,000/$50,000; $30,000/$60,000; $50,000/$100,000; $100,000/$300,000 and so on. To determine your coverage needs, consider that if you cause an accident and injure another, what coverage would you need to protect your assets, home, and your family? Bodily injury coverage is expensive, but it is one of the most important coverages on your auto insurance.

Property Damage - This coverage is for damage sustained to any vehicle (other than your own) or other property (highway signs, telephone poles, structures, etc) when you are involved in an accident. The minimum coverage is $5,000, an amount insufficient to repair most vehicles in a moderate accident. Furthermore, this coverage is for all damages in a single accident, so if you are involved in a multiple car accident, damage State, County or City property (i.e. traffic signs, signals, etc.), or you damage a structure, you may not have enough coverage. Property damage coverage is relatively inexpensive and you should ask your insurance agent about the property damage coverages available.

Comprehensive - This coverage covers your vehicle if it is broken into or sustains damage unrelated to an auto accident (i.e. a tree limb falls on your car, fire damage, or your car is burglarized or vandalized). Under this coverage, you will have to pay a deductible before the insurance company will repair the damage to your vehicle or replace stolen property. The deductible varies from $100.00 to $500.00 or more, and the cost of the coverage decreases as the deductible increases.

Collision - This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle when it is involved in a collision. This coverage will pay regardless of fault. Under this coverage, you will have to pay a deductible before the insurance company will repair the damage to your vehicle. As with comprehensive coverage, the deductible varies from $100.00 to $500.00 or more, and the cost of the coverage decreases as the deductible increases.

Medpay (MP) - This coverage is available to pay your medical bills if you are involved in an accident, regardless of fault. This coverage will pay up to its limit for a single accident for you and each person in your vehicle that sustained an injury. This portion of your policy can also cover you if you are in someone else's vehicle and either they do not have MP coverage or that coverage has been exhausted. This coverage is only for you and others in your vehicle. It does not cover persons in any other vehicle involved in the accident.

Also this coverage usually pays regardless if you have a group health insurance policy that would cover your medical bills. Medpay coverages vary because the State does not require it to be carried or even offered. Some policies will pay a set amount while others may require a deductible and/or co-pays. It is important that you read your policy or question your agent about the coverage.

Medpay coverage designated as Excess Medpay (MPX) will only pay after your group health insurance (if any) has paid. It will then pay your co-pays or out of pocket expenses not covered under your group health policy. It is usually less expensive than traditional Medpay because your group health insurance (if any) must pay before the MPX will even consider a claim.

Medpay coverages may contain a clause in your auto insurance policy that requires reimbursement to the insurer if you settle an injury claim against another party for the accident.

Coverages vary from company to company. To add or increase Medpay coverages will increase your premiums, but can be worth the extra expense to have additional assistance with your medical bills if you are involved in an accident.

Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) - After your BI protection this is probably the most important coverage. This protects you and your family if you are injured in an accident, that is not your fault, and the other party is either 1) Uninsured; or 2) Does not carry enough insurance to compensate you or your family for your injuries and damages. While the State of California requires all drivers to carry insurance, there are many uninsured drivers still out there. The minimum limits of insurance required by the State are $15,000/$30,000 and may not be enough to compensate you and your family if you are involved in an accident with someone who carries minimum limits.

A good rule of thumb is to carry as much UM/UIM coverage as you do in Bodily Injury (BI) coverage. You want to be sure that you adequately protect your assets with your BI coverage and you also want to be sure that you protect you and your family with your UM/UIM coverage. Under California Law, if you chose not to have UM/UIM coverage, you must sign a waiver denying this coverage. Denying this coverage can be a mistake.

-An Consumer Safety Update.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Auto Insurance and Safety Tips For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season brings about the need for vigilance in monitoring the weather and for protecting your family and assets. Along with your home, your car is also susceptible to major damages during hurricane season. Getting your car ready for evacuation and having your auto insurance in place for financial protection is necessary if you live areas of the U.S. at the highest risk for these monster storms.
Here are some safety tips to help prepare for the hurricane season.

Hurricanes and Auto Insurance: Monitor the Situation Yourself

You should be aware of the situation if an impending storm is heading your way. If at all possible, get out before the announcement of evacuation. By waiting till evacuation is announced, you put yourself in the situation of crowded highways and interstates. This will surely waste valuable time and increase your stress level due to the massive traffic problem. In addition, the congested traffic leads to more time on the road and the increased possibility of an auto accident.

Hurricanes and Auto Insurance: Garage Vehicles Left Behind

If you have to leave vehicles behind, or decide not too leave your home, make sure you at least garage all vehicles. While it may not completely protect your vehicle(s), it will provide an extra layer of protection. The garage can stop most flying debris that can severely damage your vehicle. From broken windows to chipped paint to falling tree branches, the protection of your garage can save you in repairs and the resulting increase in rates that can accompany a large auto insurance claim.

Hurricanes and Auto Insurance: Prepare Your Travel Vehicle

If you are planning on evacuation, you need your vehicle to be in tip-top shape. It is best that you check your tires before hurricane season begins. Keep up with your oil change schedule so you don't find yourself in a situation where you have to evacuate hundreds of miles inland and the oil has not been changed in 6 months. It is also a good idea to gas up your vehicle several days before an evacuation. Long lines at the pumps and the possibility of a shortage are likely during an evacuation. It is also a good idea to take your car to the mechanic for a once over at the beginning of the hurricane season as a preventative measure.

Hurricanes and Auto Insurance: Make Sure Your Auto Insurance is Up-to-Date

Your auto insurance policy should be up-to-date at the beginning of the hurricane season. This means making sure you have the right protection for your vehicle. Comprehensive and collision coverage will be necessary in order to pay for repairs due to hurricane damage. Also, make sure that your car insurance company does not exclude coverage for hurricane damage. While most policies will cover hurricane damage, some may not and it is better to be safe than sorry. In addition, if a big storm is about to hit, make sure you are paid up on your premiums so there are no hassles if a claim must be maid.

Hurricanes and Auto Insurance: Shop Around for the Coverage You Need

You may need to make some changes to your auto insurance policy for hurricane season. You may need to add coverage options, or you may be moving to an area with a higher risk for big storms. This will require you to shop around for the best price on the policy that offers you the hurricane coverage your vehicle needs. Online rate quotes allow you to compare the costs of adding comprehensive and collision coverage to your vehicle. There is no easier way to find the lowest price on the proper auto insurance policy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Best Insurance Deals With This Steps

In this article, we action 10 tips for award the best auto allowance rate. Simply chase the tips that are achievable for you, and you may be admiring with the ante that you find.
1. Increase the assurance of your car by installing an alarm, immobilizer, tracking device, anti-lock brakes, or added security/safety features.
2. If your car’s bulk is beneath $1,000, and you accept absolute and/or blow coverage, accede bottomward them.
3. If you accept airbags or automated seatbelts in your car, attending for discounts for these.
4. Attending for the all discounts that you may be acceptable for: a acceptable active record, acceptable student, chief citizen, accumulation discounts (organizations, unions, employees), “all beneath one roof”, assorted car in one domiciliary discounts.
5. Accede attaining arresting active courses and use the affidavit for discounts.
6. Set a college deductible and/or abate the advantage amount. These two are tricky, as they can put you into an abhorrent predicament, so use them with caution.
7. Attending into advantageous your premiums in agglomeration sums, such as annually or semiannually.
8. Lower your mileage.
9. Start parking in safer locations.
10. Compare as abounding quotes as you can find.
Quote allegory is one of the best options from our list, back it can advice a being of any age, with any car, and any active almanac to acquisition the best auto allowance rate. The antagonism is absolutely angry on the auto allowance market, and anniversary aggregation is accomplishing their best to allure clients. Some companies do bigger than others in attention to exceptional rates. Once you acquisition low rates, you can analysis the banking adherence and added ratings for the aggregation of your choice, to ensure that you are accepting absolute bulk for the money.

Friday, September 30, 2011

State Farm: One of the Best.

"Great Agents, excellent service, close to home, Always there when I need them, Claims are paid quickly, get to know their customers personally, professional, proactive, They take good care of their clients., Extra discounts for safety features, extremely helpful, Great Customer Service!, excellent"

I joined State Farm Insurance when I was 18 years old! I will be 29 this week. I have never changed! In the beginning, it was just convenient to stay with State Farm insurance because I didn't have any reason to look elsewhere. I didn't have a need to file any claims, my rates didn't go up too high each year, so I just stayed put.
I added homeowners insurance in 2008 when we bought our first home. By then we had vehicles and now the house, so we started getting additional discounts.
Over the years, I have probably had somewhere between 5-10 claims for the car and maybe 2 or 3 claims on the homeowners insurance. What a breeze! The staff is very helpful, always friendly, always willing to help me any way they can. Any car or home repairs have been handled professionally, quickly, effortlessly!
One nice treat was getting a letter with State Farm. They informed me that no matter what ever happens in the future, they would never drop me or raise my rates excessively! They have stuck to that promise! My rates go up a couple of dollars each year, no more!
I can't imagine changing to another company - ever!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Should you rely on cheap car insurance?

Do you remember the Blues Brothers? They were unstoppable. They were "on a mission from God". Seems like almost everyone standing behind the counter in the rental agency is a Blues Brother when you come into collect the vehicle. They always want to sell you something, usually additional insurance. The most common special offer is loss damage waiver (LDW). It sounds such a good idea to have complete cover against any loss caused to the vehicle while under your control. The magic word is "waiver". You are excluded from liability even if you drive the vehicle off the end of a pier and it sinks without trace (hopefully without you still inside it). The only problem is this good idea can seriously damage your bank balance when the final bill comes in. That hourly or daily rate just got heavy. So when should you add LDW? The answer is deceptively simple. If you do not own another vehicle and have no insurance cover in place, it may be a good buy. But most insurance policies on your own vehicle cover you while driving a rental. So it all comes down to the extent of that cover on your own vehicle.

To get the maximum discount in these hard economic times, most people have been pushing up the deductibles. In many cases, the potential losses can be managed to keep to the low end. It's your vehicle. You can talk to the repair shop and get all the work you want done at the best price. But when it's a rental vehicle, everything is out of your hands. The rental company has no interest in protecting your bank balance. It pays top dollar to get the vehicle repaired and sends you the bill. No searching around to find the cheapest replacement parts and lowest price body shops. Everything is top of the range and then comes the kicker. It's called the "loss of use" charge. You are expected to cover their estimated loss of profit while the vehicle is off the road. And guess what. If you are paying their loss of profit, they have no incentive to rush the repairs. They can take their own sweet time and, in most cases, you pay - most private policies do not cover loss of use charges. Some credit card companies offer limited cover, but read the small print before relying on it. Limited cover means very little actual money will ever be paid out.

If you are only renting for a few days, it's probably worth paying for LDW. It may not be cheap car insurance, but it protects you. But if the end bill is going to be too high, trust to luck and your own insurance policy. Hopefully, your own cheap car insurance policy will give you enough of a buffer against claims Remembering, of course, that only the best private policies cover you against the dreaded loss of use charges. If nothing else, all this bad news should give you the incentive to drive like your wheels are passing over egg shells. Drive as safely and carefully as possible. If you are going to break some eggs, make sure the damage is minor and the losses are small.

Auto insurance requirements imposed by the states

Sometimes, people forget that the USA is a federation of sovereign states. So, although there’s always a role for the federal government when it comes to obvious national interests like defense, most of the day-to-day law-making and regulation gets done by your local state’s capital. In this, auto insurance is exactly the same as most other products and services offered for sale. The local state decided what degree of consumer protection is appropriate and the level of enforcement required.
Every state has a Commissioner who’s responsible for regulating insurance within state borders. From this you will understand that each insurance company is licensed to sell policies state by state. No company can sell policies across state lines. This leaves the Commissioner with whatever power has been allowed by the state government. Some states have highly regulated markets with the Commissioner deciding the range of policies that can be sold and setting limits on the power of companies to limit or exclude risks. Most Commissioners also actively police the insurers, responding to consumer complaints. A few have the power to refuse an insurer’s request to increase premium rates.
You should do a google search to find the website of your local state’s Commissioner. There’s always a wealth of information about the local insurance market. The most important step is establishing exactly what your state’s mandatory requirements are. You will also find useful information about how to complain if you feel you have been the victim of misselling or an insurer is wrongly refusing a claim.
Although some aspects of the laws affecting coverage are expressed as mandatory, you also need to look carefully at your state’s policy on enforcement. In some states, there’s little will to enforce them vigorously. The politics seem to be that, in many cases, the mandatory nature of the laws makes the premiums look like a tax on the poor. At a time when there’s high unemployment, elected representatives feel under pressure to reassure voters. With budget deficits high, there’s little money available to police forces to catch more of the uninsured. This means there’s a rising percentage of uninsured drivers on the roads. In some states, it’s approaching 20% of the vehicles on the road. The risk of being in a collision with an uninsured or underinsured driver is therefore high. You may therefore think it good value to get auto insurance quotes for uninsured driver coverage depending on where you

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recommend State Farm Insurance

I have been a customer of State Farm Auto Insurance now , my husband used them when we got married and I just went ahead and insured my vehicle with them. I was unsure of State Farm Ins I had heard many people say they raised the rates or dropped you if you had an accident. In our case this has never happened. My husband had two accidents one his fault and one that wasn't. He also had a couple of speeding tickets(until I told him either drive the limit or pay the higher rates the rest of your life. Like a good husband he listened to my wisdom.) The insurance went up after his two speeding tickets, but not outrageously like I assumed around a two hundred more every 6 months(which was enough) It also was raised after the accident that was his fault, but this only lasted for three years and then his insurance went down again. Mine was not raised. To make our coverage easier to handle we have a 500.00 deductible which decreased the insurance quite a bit, we also got rid of the other little niceties like rental car. If you are not able to afford to rent a car while yours is in the shop I would keep this option. Our insurance coverage breaks down like this. Liability Bodily injury 15,000/30,000(note we also have very good medical coverage) Property damage 25,000 500.00 deductible Comprehensive 500.00 deductible collision Uninsured motor vehicle(for people that cause an accident harming our vehicle or ourselves and have no insurance) bodily injury15,000/30,000 property damage 25,000 The amount we pay is reduced by these perks Multiple Line(our house is insured with them) 26.53 Multiple vehicle 50.71 Accident Free 33.75 On my husband Ford Ranger the total is 263.38 for six months coverage. Mine is a little higher for the Minivan about 25.00 more. If we have a windshield broken there is no deductible it is fixed one hunderd percent. I know this because it happened. Another thing that I like about STATEFARM is about 6 times out of the ten years we have had coverage their have been rebate checks sent out when State Farm has a good year. This year we received around 75.00 between the two vehicles. That may not seem like much but in a state(SC) where vehicle insurance is high anyway, every little bit in my pocket is a perk. I would recommend State Farm 100%. There agents have a local office and customer service is great. I would surely recommend State Farm