Friday, November 4, 2011

A & Q about Auto Insurance Policies

It is common to come across some questions when you think about auto insurance. Let us answer some of general questions that may arise in anyone’s mind.

Whether auto insurance is necessary for driving or no?
Well, you cannot drive if you have no valid auto insurance in your hands. In fact, the laws make it mandatory for all drivers who own a vehicle to get it insured so that in case of any mishap, you have sufficient funds for its coverage in terms of bodily damage, property damage or both.

Any fixed amount for coverage?
Well, it will depend on what region you reside in. The laws of your region would be different from other states. So, minimum auto insurance coverage should be optimum enough to take care of damages that may be caused to passengers and vehicles.

If You Are Denied Auto Insurance?
In case you are being constantly denied of any sort of auto insurance policies because of your bad credit history or driving skills of past that may have tarnished your reputation around, then worry not. You need to get yourself into state assigned risk pool or get auto insurance through non-standard insurer.

Any difference between cancellation and non-renewal of policy?
Simple enough, non renewal means that you do not wish to renew your current auto insurance policy, in case you wish to change your current auto insurance provider. On the other hand, you insurer may not renew your policy if the company finds that you have shifted from a normal policy holder to high risk category.

However, cancellation can be serious. It is done if your driving record is getting seriously bad, you are not paying premium on regular intervals or that you are a fraud. Cancellation of auto insurance may make it difficult for you to get another policy in future.

My High Quality Claims Experiences and An Insurance Review

Before we were married, my wife had two separate claims experiences - one for an accident and one for hail damage. On both claims the claims reps were friendly, prompt and fair.
I don't know if it was an oversight on their part, but they didn't even remove her claims-free discounted rate after the accident claim.
We've kept State Farm after we got married. The rates have been generally competitive although we've seen increases in the past year. May consider getting competitive quotes, but I can't complain about the claims service.

I wanna share below Statefarm review I got. I hope this one would help you in deciding good policy.
Like Farmers Insurance, State Farm was founded on the notion that farmers and ranchers, who drove less and in safer environments, shouldn't have to pay as much as their urban motorist counterparts. Now, more than 80 years later, through careful expansion of insurance protection products and a continued dedication to customer service, State Farm has become the preeminent auto insurance policy writer in both the United States and Canada.
Standout Features

Response & Repair:

State Farm Insurance is a giant, spanning two nations and populating them with local agents and representatives in most cities, large and small. With complimentary towing (with distance stipulations) coverage for all auto insurance policyholders, drivers can get their car off the road and into a repair facility quickly and painlessly, with no money down. From there, however, much depends upon the nature of the incident or accident, the involvement of other motorists, pedestrians or property, as well as the location of the vehicle in question and its proximity to a certified estimator. It is here that State Farm loses some points to Progressive, which streamlines the repair process with its "Concierge Level of Claims Service," which takes the onus of estimates and repairs off the policyholder, putting them back on the road with a rental car with only minor interruption to their busy lives and schedules.

Another bone drivers tend to pick with State Farm is its "salvage parts" policy, which uses, when possible, parts from salvaged vehicles as replacement parts for damaged cars. In its defense, these parts do, in fact, have to undergo a process to certify its quality and viability.

Policy Flexibility:
Though many car insurance companies run the risk of stretching themselves too thin with expanded insurance protection products for life, home, fire and other insurance needs, State Farm Insurance manages to strike a favorable, even enviable balance between the policyholder and the shareholder. What's more, State Farm, with its tens of thousands of agents and representatives nationwide and straightforward, informative website, ensures that drivers get the right amount of insurance, as opposed to more or worse, less than what is adequate.

Benefits & Discounts:

State Farm offers car insurance policyholders the clearest description of its comparatively-generous benefits. Multiple-vehicle and multiple-policies will result in a discount. As will drivers with established safe driving records. Good students that maintain a "B" average, too, are eligible for a discount. Also, vehicles with safety features like anti-theft devices and other safety features are eligible for a discount.

Like Progressive and a handful of other auto insurance agencies, State Farm offers discounts for car insurance premiums paid in full or paid automatically each month electronically.

Customer Service & Claims Timeliness:

No company can become one of the largest auto insurance agencies of 2 nations--United States and Canada--without a well-tuned, policyholder-minded customer service and claims center. Or at least not for long, anyway. State Farm ranks among the best for its day-to-day customer service, with accessible local agents and "phone-tree"-free customer service representatives for policy inquiries and claims. It is the claims process, however, that can be a complicated, time-consuming one, as State Farm has an aggressive-albeit-somewhat bureaucratic arbitration and mediation operation arm. This can be quite a benefit for State Farm car insurance policyholders, but with claimants represented by another auto insurance agency, this can often be a painstakingly long process. This is true of most car insurance agencies, but here seems to be exacerbated by its size and ubiquity.


State Farm Insurance, like Allstate, is often as good or bad as the policyholder's agent. Accidents and incidents are typically stressful, frightening and potentially life-altering scenes. Having an agent that, despite the stress and confusion of the moment, calmly and adeptly facilitates smooth, timely repairs and uses policy tools and features to the benefit of the driver is of great import. While local agents can facilitate policy knowledge and lend the company a human face, it can also make the customer experience wildly divergent. Perhaps through careful strategy to make customer experience consistent across the country and a streamlining of the claims process, State Farm will continue to grow. For now, however, drivers looking for a quick claims process and agent-free policy access should look to GEICO, Progressive and eSurance.

I hope you have got more idea in finding good one.